Colgate Dentist First

Expert Lecture


Topic: Oral Systemic Health

Speaker: Dr. Vishal Anand

Venue: Hotel Sitayan, Sitamarhi

Time: 7-9 p.m. on 24th September, 2018

About Speaker

Dr. Vishal Anand is a:

  • Reader at the Department of Periodontics, Sarjug Dental College & Hospital, Darbhanga, Bihar
  • Delivered more than 25 scientific orations at various National Conferences and an equal number of Research publications
  • Moderator & Organizing Chairperson at numerous state & national level symposiums
  • Editor of 5 National & International Journals and also published 2 books on current trends in Periodontics
  • Actively involved in State, National & International Conferences & CDEs

Lecture synopsis

  • Markers of oral-systemic health
  • Integrated oral-systemic management
  • Managing patient’s & medical care-givers
  • Protocol to be followed for optimal oral-systemic health