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Expert Lecture


Topic: Aligners a Paradigm Shift in Orthodontics

Speaker: Dr. A Venkateswar Rao

Venue: Hotel Serena, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on 5th January 2020

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About Speaker

  • Dr. A Venkateswar Rao did his graduation from Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences, Bangalore and Post Graduation (Orthodontics) from Ragas Dental College Chennai.
  • He worked as an Assistant Professor at C.K.S Teja Dental College for 4 years, later he shifted to full time private practice exclusively in the field of Orthodontics. He has many national and international Publications to his credit.
  • His keen area of interest is in “Orthognathic like Orthodontics” and Mini Implants. He exclusively practices at Anantapur and Hyderabad.

Lecture synopsis

  • With Aligners a new system for orthodontic tooth movement has been introduced, using the established methods for minor correction to achieve greater magnitudes of correction.
  • The major advantage of the system is the esthetic, hygienic, low discomfort and removable nature of the appliance.
  • There are currently limitations to this appliance in terms of case selection, increased cost, experience required for computer treatment planning, difficulty obtaining certain tooth movements, and the lack of potential in cases involving mixed dentition or impacted teeth.
  • One needs to understand that Aligner is only an appliance, and the technique for working with it is continually being developed and honed. Refinement, adjustment at each appointment, and rebooting are all part of the technique, and all depend on the orthodontist's skill—just as with a patient in any fixed appliance
  • Many new aspects of treatment techniques must be learned about aligners to be proficient with treatment of full malocclusions.
  • Like any other appliance, Aligner is one type of appliance with its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Ultimately, much will depend on the research and development that can be generated to improve aligner control over tooth movement, and our understanding of treatment and ability to plan prospectively