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Expert Lecture


Topic: Radiology immanent Neuromuscular Dentistry

Speaker: Dr. TATU JOY E

Venue: Ashoka Inn, Thrissur, Kerala

Time: 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM , 20th December 2019

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About Speaker

  • Dr. TATU JOY E completed his BDS from the prestigious Manipal Academy of Higher education and his MDS from the lauded SDM College of dental sciences, Dharwad. He also has a PGDMLS a degree in medicolegal aspects from Symbiosis institute. He has started an exclusive oral medicine practice in 2000 and is credited with having the first CBCT Centre in Kerala. Determining the current needs of society, Dr Tatu after extensive pursuit and training in the management of TMD established an exclusive orofacial pain Centre in Kochi in 2016. Dr Tatu is a fellow of the international college of craniomandibular orthopedics and the Vice President of ICCMO, India. Dr Tatu’s interest lies not just in clinical practice but also inculcating practical applicable research in day to day practice. The author of over 50 National and international publications. He has lectured extensively in India and overseas on both imageology and management of orofacial pain through the principles of neuromuscular dentistry. In addition to all these achievements, He proves that racehorses don’t stop at finishing lines. He has recently acquired a Ph.D. from the prestigious ecole superiore France .

Lecture synopsis

  • The talk will feature the latest in maxillofacial imaging, integrating it to neuromuscular dentistry - the forgotten art of Teeth, Muscle, Joints, Posture and airway where the dentist's role as a prime healthcare provider to a pain-free and worry-free life to all patients, that he touches - comes to life