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Expert Lecture


Topic: Planning your first implant? Things to remember

Speaker: Dr. Nigam Buch

Venue: Platinum Hotel, Rajkot

Time: 7 pm to 10.30 pm on 29th nov 2019

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About Speaker

Dr. Nigam Buch

  • Dr Nigam Buch is Consultant Senior Periodontist and a Senior Dental Implantologist, practicing since last 13 years at Rajkot. He has completed his graduation and post graduation from A. B. Shetty memorial institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore. He is the Pioneer in latest techniques of bone augmentation for treatment of deficient bone for implants and periodontal tissue as well as simple to complex dental implant rehabilitation procedures. He is sought after speaker and invited faculty to Implant teaching programs conducted pan India. He is a co-director of Sanjivani dental academy where he is one of teaching faculty for clinical courses conducted for young dentists. He is regularly invited as a speaker to national and state conferences. He has been trained extensively for advanced Implantology at Korea, Israel and Germany. He has also received “Implant Fellowship” of Indian Society of Oral Implantology in 2013. Dr Buch is an active member of Indian Dental Association, Indian Society of Peridontology and International Team of Implantology.

Lecture synopsis

  • During the last decade, Implantology has become an indispensible part of mainstream dentistry, helping dentists to improve the quality of life of large patient populations. Replacing lost teeth with a bone anchored device is not a new concept. To successfully replace missing teeth and their supporting structures with artificial teeth has been an aspiration of humankind for centuries. Today, there are a multitude of materials, implants, components and techniques available. Understandably, not all of these are equally well documented or successful. When selecting materials, techniques or recommending a particular modality of treatment in each individual case, the clinician have ethical and medico-legal obligations to base their decision and recommendations on the best available current evidence. In order to do so, an up-to-date knowledge base and critical appraisal of the current evidence is essential. This lecture will enlighten you with basic knowledge of Implantology and how clinician can undergo step by step learning Implantology science.