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Expert Lecture


Topic: Dental implants - Perspectives and Insights

Speaker: Dr. Gaurav Mittal

Venue: Hotel Milan, Allahabad

Time: 1 pm to 5 pm on 21st September, 2019

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About Speaker

Dr. Gaurav Mittal :

  • Professor Dr. Gaurav Mittal graduated from college of dental surgery, Mangalore in 2000 and went on to complete his residency training in OMFS from CODS, Manipal in 2002.
  • He has more than 16 years of experience in the field of OMFS. During this distinguish career as a maxillofacial surgeon he has occupied different faculty posts at dental schools and hospitals. Also, he was the first maxillofacial surgeon to be appointed by the government of Uttarakhand. He has the credit of starting facial trauma centre in the difficult hilly terrain of Garhwal region where almost more than 1500 patients of facial trauma were successfully treated during his tenure. Dr. Gaurav Mittal has also worked for MOH, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and NHS, UK.
  • At present, he is Principal and heading the department of OMFS in Institute of Dental Studies & Technologies and is running a successful oral surgery and implant practice in Ghaziabad, UP. He has many national and international publications to his name.

Lecture synopsis

  • The evolution of replacement of missing teeth has come a long way from gum supported prosthesis to bone supported tooth substitute. Dental implants are at the pinnacle of tooth replacement strategies when it comes to countering edentulous arches be it partial or complete. The technique has been further revolutionized by para-implant procedures which have made implants virtually ubiquitous when it comes for restorative and replacement dentistry. Dental implants itself has evolved in terms of design, material and protocols. Mere metallic substitutes have been treated to improve osseointegration. Current scenario which is being focused in this talk helps in further improving the predictability and reinforcing the popularity dental implants have achieved in our field.