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Expert Lecture


Topic: Oral - Systemic Health

Speaker: Dr. Vishal Anand

Venue: Hotel Sriyash Regency, Bhagalpur

Time: 7 pm to 10 pm on 29th June, 2019

About Speaker

Dr. Vishal Anand :

  • MDS, Periodontist & Implantologist, Ex-Senior Resident of King George Medical University acquired Fellowship after his Post-Graduation in:
    • The International Congress of Oral Implantology
    • Dental Aesthetic Surgery, Germany
    • Laser Dentistry, USA
    • Trichology, India
    • Fellowship in Oral Implant AOI, India

  • He has to his credit 68 Certificates of his Educational Journey. Currently, he serves as Reader in Sarjug Dental College & Hospital at Darbhanga, Bihar.

  • He has accomplished 6 researches; authored 42 Scientific Presentations & 27 Publications in National & International Journals. He has contributed 3 Chapters & authored 2 Books for Germany & Nova Biomedicals, New York.

  • He has won the Dental Oscar Award under category of Excellence of Dental Implant in 2017; Famdent Award under category of Excellence of Periodontology in 2018, and also received the Siwan Gaurav Samman Award in 2018.

  • Apart from being a Writer; he also serves as Managing & Production Editor for Journal of Clinical Dental Research & Education; Executive Editor for International Journal of Preventive & Clinical Dental Research & International Journal of Tabacco and Oral Health, Managing Editor for International Journal of Oral Care & Research.

  • He has been invited as a Chief Guest and Moderator for numerous National & International Conferences as well as CDE programs.

  • Dr. Vishal Anand is extensively working on Periodontal Plastic Surgery; Bone Regenerative Dentistry, Advanced cum Strategic Implant Dentistry & Laser Dentistry, and is widely involved in academic & research activities.

Lecture synopsis

  • Oral Disease (Periodontitis), a chronic infectious disease with manifestations of a local and systemic host response, appears to have influences on general health and the expression of some systemic diseases or conditions. There is an increasing interest over recent years in the relationship between periodontal and systemic health.

  • Periodontitis can have significant effects on general health, and several systemic diseases and conditions can be potential risk factors for periodontitis as well. Thus, the periodontal–systemic interlink can be aptly labeled as a two-way road.

  • Irrespective of the significant or non-significant correlation and varying strength of periodontal-systemic interlink that a number of studies have depicted, these exhaustive researches by providing scientific evidence of the possible interactive mechanism between oral and systemic health, have contributed extensively in expanding one’s horizon, from viewing periodontal disease as a ‘localized entity’ to ‘one effecting the whole body’.

  • This is potentially of great public health significance, as periodontal disease is largely preventable and, in many instances, readily treatable. Based on the findings of substantial amount of studies offering new insights into the concept of the oral cavity as one system interconnected with the whole human body, it is imperative to leave the dualistic notion that the oral cavity is separate from the rest of the body.

  • Hence, one can aptly call mouth as ‘The gateway of the body’, periodontal disease – ‘A silent disease’ and Periopathogens - ‘termites’. And this marks the beginning of a new era – “The Era of Periodontal Medicine” – ‘Redefining Periodontal-Systemic Interlink’.

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Periodontal and Cardiovascular correlation
    • Periodontal and Stroke correlation
    • Periodontal and Diabetes correlation
    • Periodontal and Pregnancy outcome
    • Periodontal and Respiratory correlation