Colgate Dentist First

Expert Lecture



Speaker: Dr. Surendra Agarwal

Venue: Hotel Amer Palace, Bhopal

Time: 7 pm to 10 pm on 26th June, 2019

About Speaker

Dr. Surendra Agrawal:

  • Completed his Post-graduation from A.B. Shetty Institute of Dental Sciences in 1999

  • Has been the:
    • Ex-Member, Dental Council of India
    • Ex-Member, Faculty of Dentistry, Barkatullah University
    • Member, American Dental Association
    • E C Member, Indian Prosthodontic Society
    • President, IDA Bhopal Branch
  • Awarded Fellowship of Pierre Fauchard Academy in the year 2007

  • Attended more than 50 Conferences including IPS Speciality as well as IDA at all India & State levels.

  • Presented papers on:
    • Shade Characteristics of anterior teeth and their importance in teeth replacement in Asian Journal of Experimental Science.
    • Metal free restoration – MP State Dental Journa
    • Management of poor ridge cases – MP State Dental Journal
    • Gagging – A challenge during Dental Treatment and its Management (Under publication)
  • Delivered talk shows on:
    • DD channel on Career Options in Dentistry.
    • Dental Awareness and Dental Education
  • Recognized by Barkatullah University as Examiner of Theory & Practical in Prosthodontics.

  • Examiner to various universities namely D.A.V.V, Jiwaji University & others.

  • Appointed Inspector of Dental Council of India for Inspection of Under-Graduate & Post-Graduate Dental Institutions.

Lecture synopsis

  • Learnings:
    • Basics of successful dental practice e.g. team building, hygiene, marketing etc.
    • Addressing the evolving patient needs and expectations
    • How to handle millennial patients?
  • Nowadays, dental health care is delivered majority by private practitioners all around the globe. Earlier importance was given to the design of the dental treatment rooms than on the design of the entire business office. The planning of the business office / workspace is also a key factor and the area should be ergonomically designed as the business staff can deliver its tasks with maximum efficiency.

  • Any patient who came in for the first time into a dental clinic was the most important person for the dentist. The different digital tools can improve the practice efficiency, reduce administrative costs and improve communication with other providers. There are various dental software available for dental practice management.

  • The appointment system is very important in dental practice management, and it must be managed efficiently. Usually, the system contains lists of all the scheduled patients as well as events for the dentist and staff. It is the control center of the office and a key factor in the success or failure of a dental practice.

  • Dentist during their daily practice face issues regarding legal aspects and standards of care while rendering dental care to the patients. For the protection and safety of the patients and society, both voluntary and legal requirements must be implemented according to legal standards.

  • Therefore, though the complete implementation of an ideal dental practice is not possible to attain, day by day improvement is necessary for betterment. For effective dental practice management, it is necessary that the complete dental team works in an efficient manner and follows the correct rules and laws.