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Expert Lecture


Topic: Aesthetic Challenges in implantology

Speaker: Dr. Suvarna Nene

Venue: Hotel Centurian - Shivaji Nagar, Pune

Time: 2 pm to 6 pm on 29th June, 2019

About Speaker

Dr. Suvarna Nene :

  • Practicing dental surgeon for the past 33 years, and actively involved in the areas of Endodontic, Restorative, Prosthetics and basic Oral Surgery with Implantology

  • Completed her Master's Degree in Implantology at the Département d'Implantologie Orale et Maxillo-Faciale, at Université de Lille 2, France and was a University topper

  • Widely lectured on the subject of Oral Implantology at National and International level.

  • Completed advanced training in 3-Dimensional reconstructions of the alveolar ridge under Dr. Fouad Khoury in Olsberg, Germany.

  • Accomplished the Phantom Master's Course for Implant Surgery Training at IFZI, Nurnberg, Germany under Dr. Manfred Lang & was awarded the official Instructor, for the IFZI Implant Phantom Training Master's Course.

  • Awarded official Tutor for Intra - Oral Welding after getting trained under Dr. Marco Degidi

  • Tutor for the Master's Program in Implantology at the University of Goethe, Frankfurt

Lecture synopsis

  • Today we are offering implants to our patients on a routine basis. We need to convince patients about implant supported prosthesis and give them the confidence that this is a predictable option. It is easy to convince the patient about various aspects of aesthetics and functionality of this treatment option. But we cannot take for granted the fact that the entire journey from surgical placement to prosthetic loading may look easy but can be challenging, especially in aesthetic zone.

  • There are various reasons for these aesthetic challenges. We need knowledge of fundamental sciences as well as ability to handle an implant case. Each case has its own challenges which need to be diagnosed and planned well in advance to avoid failures.

  • Apart from our able skill sets we need to have a system which has long-term predictability in terms of implant abutment connection. If bone around implant is stable, then the soft tissue profile also remains stable. Ankylos offer us a solution of giving the expected long-term results, whether it is a single implant or a full mouth rehabilitation case.

  • This lecture will address the basic as well as advanced cases with detailed discussion on all considerations related to both simple and complicated cases to achieve aesthetic results.