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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Program?
Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures (BSBF) is an initiative by Colgate that reaches out to children around the world with free dental screenings and oral health education. Colgate’s commitment to building a lifetime of healthy habits provides children with burgeoning self-esteem and a foundation for success – that’s the Power of a Bright Smile.

2. What kind of organizations are eligible to participate for the BSBF program?
Any Schools / Institutions / Associations (NGOs) are eligible to participate in this program. BSBF Program is meant to help and support the oral health education of a child between the age group of 6-14 years. Therefore, only those Schools / Associations (NGOs) who are conducting the program for children between the age group of 6-14 years are eligible to participate in this initiative.

3. How can a dentist enroll/volunteer for the program?
Dentists can get an opportunity to participate/volunteer in this program by signing up on URL: and provide their consent to volunteer for the BSBF program. Once consented, Dentist can participate in two ways:
1. Colgate Helpdesk will get in touch with the dentist to provide his/her service for the already scheduled camp.
2. Dentist can schedule/arrange for their own camps by raising a camp request and uploading the signed consent letter that is mailed to their registered email id. For more details also check FAQ number 6 & 7 below.

4. Who conducts the BSBF check-up camps?
Dentists who are registered on the Colgate Dentist First website and who have provided their consent to volunteer for the BSBF initiative as per the aforesaid process can conduct free dental camps in schools in their area.

5. I have enrolled but cannot see any Schools / Associations (NGO’s) camp request on the website?
Colgate Helpdesk will reach out to you if there is any camp request raised in your area by a School/ NGO/ Associations etc.

6. How can I raise a camp request?
Dentists like yourself can raise a camp request by signing up on and provide consent to volunteer for the Colgate BSBF initiative. You may then ‘Raise the camp request/ by filling the online form. An email with the Consent Letter will be sent to you for your signature. The signed copy of the Consent letter must be uploaded on the website in ‘Upload Document’. Our helpdesk team will then connect with the concerned School / NGO/ Organization asking for their consent letter. Once confirmed, camp related material will be directly sent to the school/organization/NGO. On completion of the camp, the dentist must upload the Camp Closure Letter and camp photographs on the website.

7. How many camps can the Dentist enroll for?
Dentists can enroll for several BSBF camps depending on the number of children. Each camp is considered as a 1-day activity with maximum of children per day per camp request. For each camp request, one Camp ID will be generated. For E.g. if the number of children exceeds , a new camp request with a new date must be raised. Colgate Helpdesk will guide you for any additional information pertaining to your request.

8. Do I need to carry diagnostic tools for the checkup?
You should carry all the relevant tools and equipment required for the dental check-up while maintaining the sterilization protocols.

9. What materials will be sent from Colgate to Schools/Associations/NGOs?
The BSBF Program kit will include the following:
a) Dental Health Pack (DHP)
b) Banner
c) Brushing Chart
d) Poster
e) Certificate
f) Check-up Card (For Dentist)
The quantity of the material will be as per the quantity mentioned in the camp request form.

10. Where will be the required camp materials be sent?
All the required camp related materials like samples, posters will be directly sent to the organization where the camp is supposed to be held.

11. How many days prior to the camp, will the material be sent to the location?
On receipt of the complete signed document from both the Schools/Associations/NGOs & Dentists the material will be dispatched to the concerned Schools/Associations/NGOs. It takes 7 to 10 working days for the material to reach the location.

12. How can I get help of a dentist/intern for the camp?
You may call the Colgate helpdesk should you require an assistant to help you during the camp, subject to availability on those dates. Colgate cannot assure you of the assistance of an intern / dentist.

13. Can I distribute my own pamphlets, banners, etc. at the camp?
Oral health education material can be distributed among the people attending the program. We would request you to distribute the same material that we have sent to the school as all relevant material are included in it. Your own pamphlets, banners etc. should not be circulated at the camp.

14. Can I refer another dentist to enroll for this program?
Yes, you can refer other dentists to enroll for this program by asking them to sign up on

15. What if I deny / cancel the program post confirming due to some emergency?
Once confirmed, the dentist will be committed to conduct the camp. In case of an emergency, the dentist should inform Colgate helpdesk on 022-4033 6070 or at least 7 days prior to the camp date and provide a substitute dentist with his/her contact details for the program completion. Colgate will have the right to screen & decide on the substitute professional dentist at its discretion.

16. What is Colgate-Palmolive’s role in this program?
The BSBF Program is a Colgate-Palmolive initiative, hence Colgate will be responsible for of sending the relevant material and overall coordination of the program only.

17. Who will be responsible for uploading the camp closure form?
The initiator of the camp i.e. whoever raises the camp request on the website is responsible for uploading the camp closure form within 7 days from the camp closure date, that should be duly signed and stamped by both - the Schools / Associations / NGO’s and Dentists. The initiator must also upload the program pictures on the website.

18. Can I publicize the program internally or externally through social media?
Dentists are free to publicize the details of the activity internally as well as externally through social media etc. provided that no personal details / images / videos of children, teachers or any other person available at camp is shared on any social media or for any other site without their prior written consent. Colgate shall not be held responsible for any such publication of the Dentist. No changes should be made to Colgate’s program name, logo, trademark or no one can make any claim or representation to be in association with Colgate unless consented by Colgate.

19. What if there is an issue that I need to report during the program?
In case of an issue, you may write to us at: OR Call: 022-4033 6070 along with the relevant details such as camp id, school name, etc.

Terms & Conditions (T&Cs)

1. The Bright Smiles Bright Futures (BSBF) program is organized by Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited (Colgate) to create awareness amongst the children about the importance of regular brushing, to carry regular dental check-up and to have overall dental care taken from an early age.

2. Dentists must register on the and give their consent to volunteer for the BSBF Program. For more details kindly refer the FAQ’s available on

3. The Camp location will be provided by Colgate basis the accessible locations from the pin code address provided by concerned dentist. It is agreed and understood by the dentist, that the location provided by Colgate for this program would be based on availability & accessibility. Dentist is expected to accept such location of the camp as may be provided by Colgate.

4. Once the dentist has agreed to conduct a camp, he/she should be present at the location as per the scheduled day, date and time.

5. In case the dentist is unable to attend the camp due to some other commitments, it is highly expected that the concerned dentist informs about the same to Colgate helpdesk at 022-4033 6070 or writes to at least 7 days prior to the scheduled date of the camp and also kindly arrange for a substitute professional dentist to continue the camp on the scheduled date & time. Colgate shall have the right to screen & decide on the substitute professional dentist at its discretion.

6. As an initiator of the camp, it is expected that the dentist maintains the decorum of the place where the camp is conducted.

7. Dentists are requested to make their own food and travel arrangements. As a voluntary initiative for a good cause, Colgate will not be reimbursing the aforesaid cost for any of these activities.

8. The dentist may be provided an Intern at the camp site to assist him during the camp, however the same is subject to availability and Colgate shall not be able to give complete assurance to the dentist for the same.

9. Dentists are requested to carry their own set of diagnostic instruments and hot water sterilizer for the camp, to carry out regular dental check-up for the children.

10. After the camp, the concerned Dentist is requested to upload the closure form available on along with few clear camp photographs on the above website within 7 days from the date of the camp.

11. Dentists are free to publicize the details of the activity internally as well as externally through social media etc. provided that no personal details / images / videos of children, teachers or any other person available at camp is shared on any social media platform or any other site without their prior written consent. Colgate shall not be held responsible for any such publication of the Dentist.

12. For any feedback / complaint regarding the activity, please call: 022-4033 6070 or write to

13. The Participating Dentist shall ensure data protection, confidentiality and privacy of any personal details of the children received or derived during the BSBF program and uses it only for the purpose of the BSBF program. The concerned Dentist shall be solely responsible for safe keeping of the personal details and shall not use or share the same for any promotional / marketing gains in practice.

14. The Participating Dentist agrees to indemnify Colgate and its employees against all actions, demands, claims, compensation, legal proceedings etc. that may be taken against Colgate and /or its employees by any third party, for reasons directly attributable to the Participating Dentist or due to negligence, misconduct or unprofessional conduct by the Participating Dentist during the camp.

15. In case of any disputes, the Courts at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction.